Civil protection meeting by the Municipality of Tilos- Latest update

Last Tuesday (02/03/2021), a Civil Protection meeting held by the Municipality of Tilos, in order to reinforce the measures against COVID-19, prevent infection and to stop the transmission. Rapid-tests, at the harbor, right after the debarkation and intensification of checks by the control services of th Police Department and the Cost Guard.

The announcement by the Municipality of Tilos

Civil Protection meeting, of the Municipality of Tilos, was held on Tuesday 02/03/2021. The Mayor and Chairman of the meeting, Maria Kamma-Aleiferi, during her statement said that we sould consider the spread of COVID-19 in Greece and especially in Rhodes, due to the rapid transmission and the closed schools. She said that the prevation and the protection of the citizens will always be our top priority.

What was decided

  1. Use of rapid tests, at the harbor, on the citizens and visitors of the island who travel by public transport (Ships, planes, etc.) inside or outside the Dodecanese with the assistance of the Multipurpose Clinic of Tilos and of the Municipality of Tilos, in order to prevent COVID-19 outside Tilos.
  2. Intensification of checks by the control services of the Police Department and the Coast Guard of the island for the observance of the measures and systematic head count of the traveling citizens, who disembark from the ferry.
  3.  Continuous updating info for the inhabitants of the island on the measures applicable for the protection of the health of citizens from the consequences of coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

At the end of the meeting, the Mayor informed that the Municipality had recieved sanitary material, from the South Aegean Region authority, as part of the effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

With the correct observance of the measures but also with the individual responsibility of all of us, we will succeed and we will keep our island covid-free.

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